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Forensic Casebook: Vocational and Economic Reports

The Forensic Casebook is a collection of actual cases written by eighteen different professionals which illustrate how vocational and/or economic reports are developed. The reports cut across several different types of client situations and settings including vocational assessment, life care planning, economic evaluations, social security, family law, and employability. Contributors to the casebook include:

M. Barros-Bailey, J. Cary, A. Choppa, W. Davis, K. Farnsworth, J. Gamez, K. Jayne, C. Johnson, J. Kilcher, K. Layton, M. McBroom-Weiss, A. Neulicht, R. Ross, D. Taylor, J. Townes, E. Van de Bittner, and A. Wallace.

The Casebook is an excellent resource for professionals who want to review the work of others and how various reports are developed for deposition and trial. (Field & Field, Eds. 2017, 330 pp).

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this History, click here. When ordering, please reference the ABVE royalty tracking number which is – B745

A History of Private Sector Rehabilitation

Tim Field spent two years attempting to research, recreate and record the private sector rehabilitation movement – from the early years in the late 1970s and the approximately twenty years following. While a few of the early “founders” have already departed, many of the early players submitted information and narratives from what they were able to recall. Discussion is provided of the progression of rehabilitation laws, policies, and regulations, and the general historical context during which the profession of the private sector developed. To add to the larger picture of what evolved during those years, Tim asked people to write about their experiences during the formative years of the profession, as well as their own journey(s) through the 1980s and 1990s. Thirty-two people responded to the call and wrote individual stories based on their own experiences. The people contributing were:

M. Barros-Bailey, J. Carlisle, T. Denneen, T. Field, M. Graham, H. Kulman, C. Peacock, B. Roberts, L. Sinsabaugh, R. Weed, P. Dunn, R. Hall, B. McMahon, K. Preston, J. Berg, G. Broughton, P. Bussey, H. Caston, A. Choppa, C. Johnson, D. Funk, K. Jayne, A. Neulicht, S. Shedlin, S. Stipe, D. Taylor, R. Taylor, J. & J. Truthan, G. & S. Van de Bittner, and G. Watters.

The stories are compelling, interesting, and add both flavor and vital information about the early years. Content of the book includes narratives about the three main associations (NARPPS/IARP, ABVE, & AREA). The appendices include interesting information about past presidents, journal editors, conference sites, awards, and related data. This is a first attempt at a history of our profession and, hopefully, will encourage others to add to the forty years of development and progress. (Field, 2017, 298 pp).

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this History, click here. When ordering, please reference the ABVE royalty tracking number which is – B745.

Who is the Client in Forensics?
Mary Barros-Bailey, Jeffrey Carlisle, Michael Graham, Ann T. Neulicht, Robert Taylor, and Ann Wallace
Journal of Forensic Vocational Analysis , Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 31-34
Who the client is in a forensic rehabilitation evaluation has been the source of confusion and much debate among expert witnesses for many years. This white paper addresses the history of the issue, the conflict caused by competing definitions, and offers a definition that has been accepted and ratified by the American Board of Vocational Experts, the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification, and the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals. Click here to download pdf file.

Knowledge Enhancement for Vocational Experts
Resource available to new applicants invited to take certification exam to enhance their knowledge about vocational forensic testimony. The entire Knowledge Enhancement for Vocational Experts document is available Free for download. Click here to Download.

Click here to view the KES Reference and Bibliography. Click here to download References and Bibliography section.

Marketing Material – ABVE Brochure
ABVE makes available to its members an informational marketing brochure titled, Expertise for the Legal Community. The brochure educates attorneys about the value of the ABVE Certification and why they should use an ABVE Certified Expert. ABVE members may order this marketing tool to dissemenate information about the organization and to market their own services. There is space on the back of the brochure to affix a label with members’ contact information. Click here for order form.

Marketing – Website Program for ABVE Members – WEBSITES4ABVE 
ABVE is excited to provide a new member benefit – an option for members to “claim their place on the web” –by getting a professionally-developed, good-looking web page and get it found by potential clients; all for just $500. ABVE has teamed with Computer Studios, Inc. (CSI), to provide ABVE members with this new benefit. Click here for more details.

Marketing/Research – Expert Witness Profiler 
Myles Levin and his partner Jim Robinson at the Expert Witness Profiler have partnered with the American Board of Vocational Experts to offer the Expert Witness Profile at a discount to American Board of Vocational Expert members. The product has equal appeal to both retaining and opposing attorneys and expert witnesses themselves. Experts are ordering Profiles on themselves so that they can be better prepared to handle surprise deposition questions and to more adroitly avoid pitfalls that may result from opposing attorneys knowing unforeseen aspects of their background of which they themselves were not aware. Click here for more details on the program.


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