Online CE Course Content Development

ABVE Members can submit course content for the ABVE online continuing education program.  There are multiple benefits to an ABVE member who does submit course content, including Royalties paid to the author and ABVE CEU credit. The following guidelines and policies have been developed:

Course Development by ABVE Members

  1. The ABVE Online Technology Committee will approve the course content prior to online development/placement.
  2. An ABVE member or non-ABVE member who would like to author a continuing education course will sign an agreement for reimbursement directly with OnlineCE, a division of OnlineContinuingEd, LLC.  The contract will include:

    a. OnlineCE will provide the author with ABVE documents on how to write a course, how to write educational objectives and how to write multiple choice questions. A royalty payment in the amount of $5 per CE hour assigned to the course with provisions to be paid by the 15th each month for courses completed in the prior month.

    b.The course author will be responsible to answer any questions that a learner may submit via the OnlineCE website. OnlineCE receives learners question by email and will forward the question to the course author for an email response within 48 business hours, whenever possible.

    c.The author of the course will be responsible for periodic updating of references and content, as appropriate.  If the course content becomes outdated or incorrect and is not updated, the course will be removed from the online course catalogue. 

ABVE members who author courses will be granted 3 CEU’s for every hour of a course they develop.   i.e.  If an ABVE member develops a two hour CEU course they will receive 6 ABVE CEU’s for the course.

The following links have been provided by OnlineCE to assist authors in writing course content.  The links will direct you how to write high quality educational objectives using appropriate verbs, how to write multiple choice questions and writing module instructions. 

Writing Module Instructions
Writing Multiple Choice Questions
Writing High Quality Educational Objectives

Our organization has a plethora of talent within the membership.  Many of you have presented excellent topics at our ABVE conferences.  With a little additional work these topics can be submitted for online continuing credit. There is no limit as to how many courses you can submit.