Become Certified with the American Board of Vocational Experts today!

ABVE is the ONLY credentialing process in the nation to evaluate and establish competency of vocational experts.

Associate membership is required before applying to be certified as a Fellow or Diplomate. This membership is also available for individuals who do not otherwise qualify or choose not to seek ABVE certification but desire to be part of the organization. Those seeking certification will then need to follow the required qualifications and steps to certification.

DIPLOMATE (ABVE/D) ($80 Certification Fee + $195 Annual Membership) status requires seven (7) years of documented experience in the area of assessment of vocational capacity and vocational expert opinion and demonstration of distinguished performance or recognition as a vocational expert, in addition to the above requirements. This might include the following: published works; leadership position in a professional organization; presentation of papers at professional organization; presentation of papers at professional seminars; and/or sitting on study groups or legislative committees to enhance the professionalism of an organization.

FELLOW (ABVE/F) ($80 Certification Fee + $195 Annual Membership) status requires three (3) years of documented experience in assessment of vocational capacity and vocational expert forensics in addition to the requirements listed above.

International Psychometric Evaluation Certification (IPEC) ($80 Certifcation Fee + $195 Annual Membership) status requires a Master’s or Doctorate degree in in Psychology (MA, MS, M.Ed.), School Psychology, Rehabilitation,  Social Work, Therapy/Family Therapy/Counseling, Education, or other Health Related Field from an accredited institution.  Applicant will have documented specific education courses and equivalents such as Tests & Measurements, Ethics, Assessment/Evaluation, Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics, Multicultural/Ethnic Perspectives, Specialized Psychometric Training and Theories.  Applicant will have specific experience in testing domains recognized in the Psychometric Industry such as Academic, Achievement, personality/Behavioral Health, Intelligence/Cognitive, Career/Vocational, Neuropsychology, Forensic, Speech Language, Work Evaluation/Work Capacity, Pain/Medical and Research. This level of membership in ABVE shall require demonstrated testing experience.

ACTIVE EMERITUS (ABVE/AE) ($92 Annual Fee) status is for certified members who are semi-retired and may still be engaged in some vocational analysis cases.  Members in the Active Emeritus category must adhere to the following criteria: a) Must have been a past active member of ABVE at the Diplomate level; b) Are engaged in twenty (20) hours or less of work in one (1) work week; c) Pay an annual membership fee equal to one half that of the Diplomate category; d) Maintain 14 CEUs for each three year certification cycle; e) Retain one vote as a member of ABVE; and f) must adhere to all other requirements of membership in ABVE as determined by the current Code of Ethics and By Laws documents. If you wish to switch to Active Emeritus, please contact us at or (919) 926-3265 and we can make the change in status.

All Memberships Expire December 31st of each year. We do not prorate dues.