Membership Benefits

The American Board of Vocatonal Experts (ABVE) certification conveys to referral sources and peers that one has attained the specific level of expertise, knowledge, and skills necessary to meet the demanding needs of your profession. This can mean expanded job opportunities and higher earnings. Along with these important benefits come the pride and satisfaction of being among one of the best in the profession, and the knowledge that one has achieved recognition of one’s professional experience in the multidisciplinary field of vocational forensics.

ABVE Benefits
ABVE is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information and its educational programs enable one to stay in touch with the most up-to-date information in the field. ABVE provides tools, a professional network and resources one needs for the enhancement and acceleration of professional growth and practice.

ABVE Directory
The ABVE Directory is a valuable resource. The online member directory is available to law offices for reference and referral and provides a means for one to build a professional network and expand business. The directory is available on the official ABVE website.

ABVE Publications
ABVE supports two professional publications – a peer-reviewed journal and a newsletter. In addition, ABVE maintains a website inclusive of a membership directory and various sources of information for its members and others who are interested in the work in which members of ABVE are engaged.

ABVE Conferences
ABVE holds an annual conference each year and is typically at the end of March/early April. The ABVE certification examination is administered in conjunction with each conference and is also offered prior to each conference is a Knowledge Enhancement Seminar on Thursday morning.

ABVE Discount Programs -Expert Witness Profiler
ABVE has negotiated discounted rates on for the Expert Witness Profiler.

ABVE Mentorship Program
The ABVE Mentorship program provides those seeking, to either establish themselves or advance their skills as a Vocational Expert, with an individual who is established in the industry, and is willing to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom.

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