International Psychometric Evaluation Certification

International Psychometric Evaluation Certification (IPEC)

Welcome to the International Psychometric Evaluation (IPEC) Grandfathering! Grandfathering ends December 31, 2021!

Become certified through the Grandfathering Phase to be recognized as a Competent, Empirically savy, Evidenced-Based Assessment Evaluator!  IPEC is the Gold Standard to demonstrate your forensic work and expertise is based on scientific methodology! Complete the application today and witness your practice get the recognition it deserves in an environment of legal competencies and empirical competencies! This is the cornerstone certification that many disciplines (Rehabilitation, Therapists, Forensic Evaluators, Counselors, Life Care Planners, and Educators) have been waiting for!

Below are the Grandfathering criteria to be able to become certified through Peer Review Experts:

  • A Licensed Psychologist is qualified to be grandfathered by submitting a copy of their current license to practice, the application and the IPEC fee.  Proof of experience, coursework or work product is not required for psychologists. Section 1 & Section 3 are required to complete the application – however, completing all sections is encouraged to help assist with our data collection.
  • Masters level counselors who can show proof of having held their Certified Vocational Evaluator (CVE) certification are qualified to be grandfathered.  Proof of the CVE and master’s degree diploma or transcripts along with application and fee is required.  Course work, experience or work product is not required of master level CVE’s candidates. Section 1 & Section 3 are required to complete the application – however, completing all sections is encouraged to help assist with our data collection.
  • Masters level counselors who have not held a CVE and hold one of the masters level degrees below must provide:
    • Transcripts: Proof of transcripts/equivalent coursework, and sample work experience.  Any discipline that deviates from the list below will be reviewed by the Peer Review Committee to determine if it qualifies you.
      • Masters in Psychology (MA, MS, M.Ed.)
      • Masters in School Psychology
      • Masters in Rehabilitation
      • Masters in Social Work
      • Masters in Therapy/Family Therapy/Counseling
      • Masters in Health Related Field
      • Masters Education
      • Masters Other
    • Specific Education Courses and Equivalents:  Because every Masters level program has different accreditation standards and therefore different coursework titles and offerings, coursework will be reviewed to determine if you meet the following Education and or Equivalent Standards for the IPEC.  Below are the eight course equivalents we will consider and will review equivalents.  At least five of the course equivalents must be met for grandfathering.
      • Tests & Measurements
      • Ethics
      • Assessment/Evaluation
      • Descriptive Statistics
      • Inferential Statistics
      • Multicultural/Ethnic Perspectives
      • Theories
      • Specialized Psychometric Training
    • Professional Experience There are at least 11 different testing domains recognized in the Psychometric Industry.  Applicants must provide samples to show they administer, interpret, and or score with regard to at least three of the 11 domains.  This can be shown in a testing report or general report with psychometric data embedded.
      • Academic
      • Achievement
      • Personality, behavioral health
      • Intelligence/cognitive
      • Career/vocational
      • Neuropsychology
      • Forensic
      • Speech language
      • Work evaluation/work capacity.
      • Pain/Medical
      • Research

IPEC Grandfathering Period & Training
If you are short in qualifications and in need of experience or coursework to be considered qualified under the grandfathering period, you can obtain experience and coursework to apply from 2014 through 2021.  The Grandfathering period is not expected to continue past December 31, 2021. IPEC-ABVE is expected to have a validated test in place by 2021 for new applicants who qualify for the IPEC.  There are several ways you can meet such experience and coursework qualifications during 2016-2021 period:

  • Take online courses at Capella University or others like it.
  • Show training experience through workshops, conferences, or professional testing company trainings.
  • Attend ABVE pre-conference trainings and main conference trainings for psychometric testing CEU’s to begin 2019.
  • Begin practicing and using psychometric instruments that you are qualified to use with your specific clientele.

* Note: Please allow 60 – 90 days for your application to be reviewed.

Click here for the Code of Ethics – applicants are asked to sign the last page and send in with application.

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Both these articles were published in the Journal of Forensic Vocational Analysis, Vol 15, No. 2:

The Evolution of the International Psychometric Evaluation Certification (IPEC) by Cynthia P. Grimley & Scott Whitmer

Psychometric Evaluation Competency: The International Psychometric Evaluation Certification (IPEC) in the Era of Evidenced Based Assessment Within the Forensic Environment by Scott Whitmer & Cynthia P. Grimley

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