Conference 2019


2019 ABVE Conference

Attendee List as of 03/26/2019

Presentation Materials

All attendees will recieve a Flash Drive at the conference which contains speaker materials supplied to ABVE as of February 22, 2019. Below are all speaker materials supplied to ABVE as of 3/29/19.

Knowledge Enhancement Seminar
Estelle Hutchinson, MS, MBA, ABVE/D

Early Stages of Becoming a Vocational Expert
Terry P. Leslie, MEd., CRC, ABVE/D, LPC

Use and Application of the COPSystem Standardized Vocational Assessments
Lisa Lee, Ph.D.

Professional Ethical Behavior
Paul C. Lillios

The Relationship of Neuropsychological Test Data to Vocational Capacity: Where is the Crosswalk?
Leah P. Greenwood, Ph.D., ABPP

Best Practices For Successful Transitions:  High School to Postsecondary Education
Barb Borich & Rachel M. Hargis

Advances in Neuropsycholovocational Assessment
Izabela Schultz, Ph.D., R.Psych., ABPP

Difficulties at Birth: Long Term Developmental Outcome
Alan D. Bedrick, M.D.

Impressions of the CORE/CACREP Merger and Current Earnings of ABVE Vocational Experts
Scott F. Beveridge, Ph.D., LCPC-S, CRC, CDMS, ABVE/D

The Challenges of Determining Earning Capacity in the Changing Labor Market

Report Prep and Testimony: Do they Hold Up?
Howard Caston, Ph.D. & Kathleen Dytrych, MS.

How does ABVE Measure up to Other Groups in Meeting Ethical Standards?
Chrisann Schiro-Geist, Ph.D., ABVE/D, IPEC & Dr. Michelle Marme

Federal Rule # 35: Opposing Counsel’s Demand for Information and Participation during the IME
Kenneth J. Manges, Ph.D., D-AAPM, D-ABPDC, ABVE/D, D-ACFE, D-NCCM

Preparing to Testify at Deposition and Trial
Philip Spergel, E.D, ABVE/D, ACVE

A Practical Discussion for the Up and Coming Expert
John Pullman M.Ed., CRC, CCM, ABVE/D, IPEC & Amy Kutschbach, MRC, CRC, CCM, ABVE/D

Application of Forensic Epidemiology for Determining Causation in Disputed Medicolegal Cases
Alireza Bagherian, DC, CCEP, QME, DAIPM, DABFE, ABVE/F

Cultural Considerations for Vocational Assessment of Native Americans
Norman W. Johnson, CRC, ABVE/F

Legalized Marijuana and Its Impact Upon Employment
Lisa Suhonos, M.S., CDMS, CEAS, IPEC, ABVE/D

What Were You Inking? The Impact of Tattoos on Employability
Phillip W. Boswell MA, B.Ed, BA, HBOR, ABVE/F, CCVE/F, CVRP/F, RRP

Changes in Working with the Hispanic Population under Worker’s Compensation
Scott D. Sevart, M.A., MCRSP, CRP, CRC, ABVE/D, PGAP Provider

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