Associate & Student Membership

ASSOCIATE ($195 Annual Fee) membership is for individuals who do not otherwise qualify or choose not to seek the ABVE Certification process but who demonstrate a high interest in the mission of ABVE. Individuals may directly apply for Associate Membership to ABVE if they do not intend to become Board Certified as either Fellow or Diplomate levels but desire to be a part of the organization.

*Note: The ABVE Associate Membership is not a certification, and may not be displayed as a credential after your name. Appropriate citation would be “member of ABVE” within a resume or CV.

EMERITUS ($92 Annual Fee) membership is for formerly certified individuals who are now fully retired. If you wish to switch to Emeritus, please contact us at or (919) 926-3265 and we can make the change in status.
STUDENT ($60 Annual Fee) membership is to accord individuals attending graduate school, private training programs and other educational phases in the Human Service fields which specialize in vocational rehabilitation, psychology, vocational counseling, and other related fields. Members in this category receive the Student Rate at ABVE Conferences, a certificate of membership, the ABVE Newsletter and may serve on ABVE Committee.
All Memberships Expire December 31st of each year. We do not prorate dues.