2021 Speaker Handouts

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Speaker Handouts

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Thursday Specialized Training

Knowledge Enhancement Seminar (Thursday Specialized Training)
Daniel Wolstein, PhD, CRC, CLCP, IPEC, ABVE/F & Brian Daly, ABVE/D

Friday Specialized Trainings

Digital Pandemic Revolution & the Effect on the Workplace (Friday Specialized Training)
Jan Lowe, MS, ABVE/D, Erin Olson MPH & John Wedl

A Hands-on Workshop: Loss of Household Services Analysis (Friday Specialized Training)
Robert J. Pare’, MS, CRC, LRC, CDMS, FVE, ABVE/D & Terry Leslie, M.ED, CRC, ABVE/D, LPC

Friday Sessions

The Future of the Public VR Program
Stephen A. Wooderson

Communication Devices and Apps for NonVerbal People
Carol Page, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, ATP

Overview of Lower Extremity Prostheses
Cyrus Price, CPO

Transition 101: Improving Post-School Outcomes for Students with Disabilities
Brenda Cruz, MRC, CRC, Special Education License K-12

The Vocational & HR Challenges Associated w/Overcoming ADA RTW Accommodations

Saturday Sessions

The American Legal System or Civil Litigation
Scott E. Schermerhorn, Esq

Disability in the Workplace: Assistive Technology to Achieve
Martha Rust, MS, CRC, ATP & Danny Housley

Best Practices in Functional Capacity Evaluation & Job Analysis for Return to Work
Steve Allison, PT, DPT & Rick Wickstrom, PT, DPT

Productivity & Organization AT Solutions for the Workplace
Carolyn Phillips & Ciara Montes, M.S. CRC NCC

Accessible Workplace Technology: The What, Why and How
Josh Christianson

ABVE Membership Meeting
Agenda & Minutes

Dolphins & Us: To the Mutual Benefit of Both
David M. Plourd, M.D.

What I Wish I Knew About Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation
Katrina Mason, MS, CRC

Picture IT
Terry Dailey, MA, ABVE/F, CRC, LPC, & Emily Wilson

Employment Opportunities for Individuals of All Abilities: Inclusion for All
Ms. Jo’el Roth, MS, CRC

Sunday Sessions

Best Practices and Methodologies for Social Security Vocational Experts
Mitchell A. Schmidt, M.Ed., CRC, ABVE/D, LPC, Michelle McBroom Weiss, MA, CRC, CCM, NCC, MSCC, ABVE/D, IPEC, & Sara E. Statz, MS, CRC, CLCP, ABVE/F, IPEC, CIWCS

Evidence Based Vocational Evaluations
Roderick Stoneburner, MS, CRC (rtd) VocationalEvaluation

Overview of the WRAT-5
Patrick Moran, Ph.D.

So You Want to be a Vocational Expert When youGrow Up? Lessons to Learn About University Preservice Training for the Job
Chrisann Schiro-Geist Ph.D., ABVE/D & David Perry, ABVE/D

An Exploration of Similarities and Differences Between Legal and Rehabilitation Ethics
Jeff Cockrum, JD, MA, CRC, CDMS