2020 Virtual Conference Recordings

Below are links to the live recordings of the sessions that were permitted to be recorded.

Knowledge Enhancement Seminar (Thursday Pre-Con)
Estelle Hutchinson, MS, MBA, CRC, ABVE/D & Daniel Wolstein, PhD, CRC, CLCP, IPEC, ABVE/F

US BLS Occupational Requirements Survey
Michelle Dresser & Karen Litschgi

Best Practices for Litigation and Trial Testimony
Mike Bradford, Esq., Marko A. Crespo., Esq. & Scott R. Marshall, Esq.

A New Call of Duty to Impact Veteran Suicide in Voc Rehab
Alyssa Scott, LMHC, CRC & Antonio Reyes, MRC

Loss of Household Services: A Methodology for Establishing Probable Worth
Robert J. Pare’, MS, CRC, LRC, CDMS, FVE

Vocational Evaluations in Family Law Cases
Vivian Cortes Hodz & Mary Quin

Reinventing Careers Using Design Thinking
Doug Pace

Early Stages of Becoming a VE (Saturday Post-Con)
Terry P. Leslie, MEd., CRC, ABVE/D, LPC & Maria Babinetz, MS, CRC, CDMS, 

Ethical Issues in Vocational Expert Practice (Saturday Post-Con)
Chrisann Schiro-Geist, Ph.D., ABVE/D, IPEC & Lee Crandall