Certification : Work Product Criteria

Fellow/Diplomate Certification Application: Work Product Criteria

The redacted work product* submitted for review must demonstrate knowledge in the preparation of vocational expert opinions regarding vocational functioning relevant to: the vocational assessment process, the analysis of medical records, the determination of functional capacities, the analysis of earning capacity, labor market analysis or earnings benchmarks, pre-and post-injury vocational capacities, return to work options and methodology used. Work product submitted for review shall be suitable for presentation in a forensic setting.

Criteria A – F .

Criteria A: Analysis of medical records to determine pre-injury and post-injury functional capacities & probable return to work time frames.

Criteria B: Analysis of work history to determine work traits, skills sets and earning capacities.

Criteria C: Use of and interpretation of labor market information to determine appropriate post-injury work and employability probabilities to maximize post-injury earning capacity.

Criteria D: Administration and/or interpretation of the appraisal instruments of assessment used inclusive of: vocational, psychological, neuropsychological, aptitude, personality, intellectual, and other speciality assessments, as these apply to the injured party’s employability pre-and post-injury.

Criteria E: Projections of probable pre-injury and post injury earning capacities and wage loss analysis including references used to support foundational information or data.

Criteria F: Opinion statement(s) – This includes references to methodologies employed and, the synthesis and interpretation of the gathered information into one or more concise and defensible opinion statement(s). Emphasis is placed upon consistent and logical approaches to support one’s conclusions and opinions (i.e., being mindful of references, federal and state court decisions such as Daubert, Kumho Tire, and other related state court decisions and applicable case law).

International Psychometric Certification (IPEC) Application Work Product Criteria

There are at least 11 different testing domains recognized in the Psychometric Industry. Applicants must provide samples to show they administer, interpret, and or score (analyze scores) with regard to at least three of the 11 domains.  This can be shown in a testing report or general report with psychometric data embedded.

      • Academic
      • Achievement
      • Personality, behavioral health
      • Intelligence/cognitive
      • Career/vocational
      • Neuropsychology
      • Forensic
      • Speech language
      • Work evaluation/work capacity
      • Pain/Medical
      • Research

* Note: All work-product submitted for review shall have names of parties and other significant individuals redacted.




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