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The American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE) is dedicated to promoting forensic vocational credentialing, education, training and research through enhancing the competency of its members.  To pursue this purpose, ABVE will continually strive to achieve the following goals:

Credentialing – to promote the highest standards of forensic competency and integrity; to promote accountability though standards enforcement; to provide a “bench marked” credentialing process that includes knowledge testing and peer review of forensic work products;

Education & Training – to create and develop innovative continuing education and career enhancement opportunities;  to provide professional annotated bibliographies about forensic matters; to provide topic specific seminars designed to enhance the forensic career;

Research & Cooperative Relationships – to promote public and private research concerning topics that impact the profession of forensic vocational analysis and of the careers of our membership; to maintain cooperative relationships and activities with allied organizations in pursuit of the mission and purposes of ABVE.





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