Continuing Education : Overview

The current CEU period runs from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2015. In addition to paying annual dues, Certified Diplomates and Fellows must acquire 42-CEUs approved by ABVE during this period to maintain certification. Active Emeritus members must acquire 14 CEUs.

Effective August 1, 2015, Alternative CEU Applications will have a required fee of $15.

American Board Of Vocational Experts Certification

Certification by the American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE) is a formal acknowledgement and recognition of one's knowledge, experience and skill application on the part of a vocational professional working in the forensic arena. The ABVE certification process serves as the mechanism to insure that professionals have actually demonstrated a high degree of forensic competence, integrity, accountability and an adherence to ethical standards promoting the highest level of service provision within this specific profession.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Pre-Approved Courses:
Have you attended other conferences? Have you taken an IARP Webinar. There is a chance that you can submit your certificate for free if the confernece/webinar has been pre-approved. Click here for the complete list of pre-approved courses.

Home Study Opportunity
The ABVE Board of Directors is happy to announce that you now can get pre-approved Continuing Education Units through our preferred provider, AAACEUS. To purchase ABVE pre-approved courses through AAACEUS and get a 10% discount, click this link: ABVE pre-approved CEU's. An Alternative CEU Application and $15 processing fee must be submitted to ABVE for each AAACEU course taken in order to receive credit toward your certification requirement.

*ABVE policy states that the maximum CEU's approved per home study course is 14-CEUs for AAACEUs courses. (The maximum CEUs allowed for home study courses other than AAACEUS courses is 6-CEUs.) A total of 28 of the 42-CEUs required in a three year CEU period can come from home study courses.

CEU Requirement

In addition to the annual fee, proof of continuing education advancement is required. Currently the continuing education requirement is 42-credits during the three-year cycle to maintain certification. The current three year cycle runs from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2015.

A. The Approval of CEU Credits Will Reflect The Sixteen (16) Core Forensic Competencies as Listed Below and Found on the ABVE Certification Examination:

  • Forensic Testimony & Related Legislation, Rules & Regulations
  • Standardized Vocational Testing & Work Samples
  • Statistical Analysis, Foundations & Theories
  • Research Methodology and Forensic Applications
  • Standardized Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing
  • Vocational Theory and Forensic Applications
  • Job Surveys and Job Placement Techniques
  • Seminal Vocational Texts & Applications (i.e. Dictionary of Occupational Titles, Handbook for Analysis, and others)
  • ABVE Standards, Code of Ethics and Professional Ethical Behavior
  • Transferable Skills Analysis; Theories and Forensic Applications
  • Physical Capacity Evaluation, Assessment of Functionality & Work Applications
  • Occupational Information Network (O*Net Applications)
  • Life Care Planning; Resources, Techniques, Competencies
  • Pain Measurement, Pain Management, Work Implications, Treatment Modalities
  • Occupational Density; Theoretical Foundation, Resources, Applications
  • Determination of Earning Capacity; Theories, Sources & Applications

B. Global Policy Statements Regarding Continuing Education Units

1. ABVE requires that all certified members (Diplomate & Fellow Status) submit 42-CEU’s that have been approved by the ABVE CEU Certification Committee.

2. The required 42-CEU’s can be submitted at any time during the 3-year certification cycle and must be submitted at least 45-days before the end of the certification cycle.

3. CEU’s can be obtained from the ABVE conference each year, or from other professionally sponsored conferences, seminars or classes that have been “pre-approved” by ABVE through the group approval process.

4. Individual ABVE Certificated members can also use an approved Alternative CEU process. The application structure for this process is also located on the ABVE Website under the Continuing Education tab. All applicants seeking approval of Alternative CEU’s must submit a completed application, signed and dated by the applicant, pay the required fee and submit the supporting documents at the time of the application. There will be no consideration given to applications without the required documentation which is listed below and on the application form.
Alternative CEU Application

  • A copy of the official attendance form for the activity, signed and dated by an authorized party representing the sponsoring agency. This form shall have the sponsoring agency’s telephone number listed so that members of the ABVE CEU Committee may call the agency to discuss forensic application of the sponsored activity.
  • A copy of the program/seminar brochure which indicates the dates of the activity, the sponsoring agency, the total hours allocated to the activity, a detailed description of the objectives and content of the learning sessions so that the ABVE CEU Committee can determine if it meets the 16-Core Forensic Competency Areas listed above.
  • ABVE's Continuing Education Committee will evaluate these applications and provide approval or denial of the request. Notices will be sent via email. This application process can take up to 6 weeks to complete due to the number of applications received.

5. Home Study Courses: ABVE will approve no more than 28-Home Study CEU’s during any one 3-year membership renewal cycle. Other applicable policies related to Home Study Courses include:

  • Home Study Courses must meet the same criteria derived from the 16 Core Competencies as listed above.
  • ABVE policy states that the maximum CEU's approved per home study course is 14 for AAACEUs courses.  The maximum CEUs allowed for home study courses other than AAACEUS courses is 6-CEUs.
  • No more than 6-CEU’s will be granted for any one Home Study Course, except for pre-approved AAACEUS courses as stated above, regardless of how many credits are indicated by the sponsoring agency or are accepted by other professional agencies. To gain these 6-CEU’s, the selected Home Study Course must be shown to be applicable to forensic competencies and not merely counseling related. ABVE is a FORENSIC organization dedicated to enhancing the vocational professional’s ability and competency as a expert in the legal arena.
  • In order for the ABVE CEU Committee to determine this relationship, applications for Alternative Home Study Course CEU approvals must include: (a) the sponsoring agency’s course description, (b) a copy of the table of contents to illustrate the forensic value of the course/material (c) the applicant must write a brief statement (no more than one page) on how the content of this Home Study Course has application to his/her forensic practice and is a value-added information resource going beyond his/her existing competencies.
  • CEUs applicable to forensic-related webinars will be considered under the same policies and regulations as are home study courses.

6. College and University Level Courses:

  • ABVE encourages it’s members to seek knowledge enhancement and continuing education through accredited college and university courses.
  • CEU unit value will be based on the unit value assigned by the college or university. Persons seeking CEU credit for accredited college or university graduate courses must (a) complete the Alternative CEU Application ), (b) pay the appropriate fee as indicated, (c) submit a course description (d) submit a copy of the transcript showing the course completion and grade assigned.
  • CEU’s will not be approved for college and university courses that are taken as a part of one’s profession degree requirement or electives. ABVE approves CEU’s that are taken outside of ones degree requirements to enhance, further and solidify forensic related competencies.

7. ABVE will provide up to 6-CEUs for members engaged in the development and/or delivery of session talked at an ABVE event. If the member is part of a panel presentation, then CEU credit will be dependent upon the member's actual delivery time plus 3 CEUs for the development of the presentation.

ABVE does not provide CEU credit for members engaged in the development and/or delivery of seminar, workshop or convention speeches, talks or other informational distribution sessions that are not sponsored by ABVE.

8. An ABVE Member who makes a presentation at another professional organization would be awarded ABVE CEU’s based on the following criteria:

a) 3-CEU’s for preparation of at least a 1-hour speaking presentation

b) Plus CEU’s based on the presentation time of the speaker; i.e. 1 CEU as a member of a panel; 1-3 CEU’s if a solo presentation based on the number of actual hours assigned to the speaking presentation. i.e.1 hour = 1-CEU, 3 hrs = 3-CEU’s.

c) Maximum CEU’s to be awarded= 6-CEU (3 for prep and 3 for a 3-hour speaking presentation)

d) Topics of the presentation must be one of the 16-CORE forensic areas historically associated with the ABVE Test and other external alternative CEU requests

9. Return of Submitted Materials - No materials submitted to support one’s CEU application with be returned to the applicant. All materials should therefore be copied before application submission to ABVE.

C. Carry Over CEU Credits:

1. There shall be no “carry-over” CEU credits past the 3-year membership renewal cycles.

2. While CEU’s may be submitted to the ABVE CEU Committee at anytime during the 3-year membership renewal cycle, at the conclusion of that 3-year cycle, all CEU’s will be eradicated from the member’s CEU file, and a new cycle begun.


The purpose of the re-certification process for ABVE Diplomates and Fellows, is to promote professional growth through continuing education. The evolution of forensic skills related to the analysis of earning capacity, labor market trends, knowledge and application of research techniques, the use of cognitive and vocational interest assessments, and the implication of medical conditions on functional capacities are activities expected of the certified vocational expert.

Re-Certification Cycle

The re-certification cycle is a three-year cycle. Currently, the period is January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2015. If you don't have 42-hours on file with ABVE at the end of the cycle you will lose your ABVE Certification.

Annual Renewal Fee

Renewal fees are payable annually to maintain ABVE certification. Due to the recent change from a fiscal year to a calendar year the annual renewal fee is due and payable each year by December 31st.

Revocation Of Certification

Failure to annually renew your membership by payment of the annual renewal fee or failure to submit evidence of 42-contact hours of acceptable continuing education by the end of the recertification cycle will result in the revocation of your ABVE membership and certification designation.



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