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2016 ABVE Conference Handouts

2016 ABVE Conference Brochure
2016 ABVE Conference Attendee List - as of 4/01/2016
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Conference Handouts

Pain Symposium
Jasen Walker EdD, CRC, CCM, ABVE/D & Dr. Peter Soja BSc, MSc, PhD
The Biopsychosocial Model of Treating Chronic Pain (Walker)

Collateral Sources and Life Care Planning: Issues Related to the Life Care Planner's Role in the Emerging ACA Climate
Tim Field PhD, Anthony Choppa MEd, CRC, CDMS, CCM, & Cloie Johnson MEd, CCM, ABVE/D

Standard Methods in Vocational Forensics Versus the Real World: Is it Time to Question Our Methods?

Beyond Pain and Suffering: Best Practice When Addressing Chronic Pain in Forensic Vocational Evaluation Reports
Anthony Vecchio, QC

Addiction and Employment: Facing Challenges and Finding Solutions
Dean Powers PsyD, ABVE/D, CRC & Sheryl Thompson MACP, RRP, RCC

Implications of Head Injuries in Employability Evaluations
Celeste Ann Rcicot MEd, CRC, CVE & Kerry Skillin CRC, ABVE/D
FAQ Implications of Head Injuries
Powerpoint: Implications of Head Injuries

Current Issues in Disability Law
Faith Hayman, LLB

Vocational Apportionment: Factors Affecting Employability and Earning Capacity
Eugene E. Van de Bittner PhD, CRC, ABVE/D, IPEC

How to Be a Good Informed Consumer of Neuropsychological Testing: Common Tests & Best Practices
David Knopes, PhD

Mindful Practice: Techniques for the Vocational and Forensic Expert
Kenneth Manges PhD, ABVE/D

Earning Capacity Assessment: Methodologies & Ethical Issues
Howard Caston PhD, ABVE/D, CRC, LPC

Employability Assessments for Disabled Vetrans
William T. Cody MS, ABVE/D

Ethical Issues In the Practice of Testifying as Vocational Expert
Ethical Issues in the Practice of Testifying as a Vocational Expert - Notes
Ethical Issues in the Practice of Testifying as a Vocational Expert - Power Point
Philip Spergel, EdD, ABVE/D, ACFE

The New World of Work for Pay: It Isn't all About Traditional Jobs Anymore
George H. Schofield PhD & Nikolas Badminton BSc

Think Outside of the Box But Stay Inside it - Defining Earning Capacity
Cynthia P. Gimley MS, CRC, CCM, ABVE/D, IPEC & Jan Lowe MS, ABVE/D
Thinking Outside the Box - Power Point
Thinking Outside the Box - Example
Thinking Outside the Box - Reference Material

Ethical Considerations in Vocational Testing of Adults with Austistic Spectrum Disorder
Steve Becker PhD

Vocational Motivation in the Forensic Arena
Howard Caston PhD, ABVE/D, CRC, LPC, Linda A. Stein MBA, EdM, CRC, CCM & Kathleen Dytrych MS, CRC, CCM, LCPC, CDMS, CEAS

Predicting Occupational Outcomes from Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment Data
Izabela Z. Schultz, PhD, R. Psych, ABPP

What Do You Really Need to Know About Testifying in Workers' Compensation Cases?
Alan Boudreau JD & Chrisann Schiro-Geist PhD, ABVE/D, IPEC


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