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2012 ABVE Conference

Presentation Materials

All attendees will recieve a Program Book at the conference which contains presenter materials. 

Below are links to electronic copies of handouts provided by the presenters - this list will continue to be updated after the conference:

The Transformational Journey from Patient to Rehabilitation Professional 
Irmo Marini, PhD, CRC, CLCP, FVE

Remaining Balanced in a "High Wire" Forensic Arena
Howard Caston, PhD, CRC, LPC, ABVE/D

Thoroughly Modern Experts: Staying Current in this Fast-Moving Online Environment 
Betty Kohlenberg, MS, CRC, ABVE/D, Marlis Bruns, MA, ABVE/D, Lisa Trustin, MA

Core Variables in Forensic Earning Capacity Assessment: Delphi Research Results 
Rick Robinson, MEd, MBA, CRC, CVE, NCC, LMHC

Evidence & Technology: How to Utilize Tools of the Trade for a More Effective Prsentation
Soonhee Bailey, Esq., & Shane Godfrey, Litigation Support Specialist 

The Effect of Facial Disfigurement on Earning Capacity: A Guide for Vocational Experts 
Terrence Clauretie, PhD

What Makes Juries, Judges and Magistrates Tick: The science behind the myths of how communication styles, race, gender and attractiveness influence decision makers 
Ken Manges, PhD, ABVE/D, CVE, CFP

"A Masterful Act" Vocational Testimony in ADAAA and CA-FEHA Employment Disability Discrimination Cases 
Lisa Suhonos, MS, CDMS, ABVE/D

Build it Bigger, Better, Best: 7 Steps to Creating the Business that Attracts Your Best Clients 
Rona Wexler, MA, ABVE/D

PTSD: Development of Alternative Treatments 
Howard Hostrander, Lieutenant Colonel (ret.)

How to Successfully Market To and Land Your Ideal Clients - Online and Off 
Rona Wexler, MA, ABVE/D

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Applications and Challenges for Vocational Forensics
Sharon Shou, CRC, LPC, ABVE/F and Karen Moore, MS, CRC

Questionable Jobs, Changing Classifications, and Significant Numbers 
Irmo Marini, PhD, CRC, CLCP, FVE

Examining the Ethical Implications of the Transferable Skills Analysis 
Jim Earhart, MEd, CRc, LPC and Jeff Truthan, MS (SkillTran)



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